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The Surprising Impact of Medication Safety on Patient Outcomes and how Medical Professionals Can Foster a Culture of Medication Safety. The Importance of Training Programs in Medication Safety for Healthcare Workers Case Studies. Sharing Real Examples from practice of Medication Safety in Medical institution.

What will you learn in this course?

Recognize the fundamentals of medication safety according to the CBAHI standard.

Explanation of drug allergies and the awareness of dangerous drug reactions

Describe the fundamentals of institutional medication safety for all health care providers

Discuss the need for a system of drug safety at the institution with all the healthcare professionals

Course Requirements

All medical fields

Course Content

Medication safety course 22 Feb 2024




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Medication safety
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Medication safety

Course Duration: 22 February 2024 at 09:00 AM 07CME Hrs /دورة معتمدة بـ 7 ساعات/ لجميع التخصصات الصحية رقم الاعتماد: ACA-20240000423

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This course includes:

  • Course Duration: 7 hours 0 minutes
  • Educational Materials: One material
  • Level: All medical fields
  • You will receive a certificate upon completing the course