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الدورة تعتمد ساعاتها فقط لـ: جميع تخصصات الأسنان

Identify the sign and symptoms of various oral diseases and their important characteristic features. Verify the importance of Dental & Medical - Examination & Investigations

What will you learn in this course?

Recognize the Dental & Medical Investigations of oral diseases

Recognize the Infection of Oral tissue, Viral

Explain the diagnostic approach including an understanding of the oral soft-tissue biopsy technique

Explain the proper approach to Developmental anomalies of oral tissue

Course Requirements

Dentistry and Related Specialties

Course Content

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Oral Diagnosis Art and Science
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Oral Diagnosis Art and Science

الدورة تعتمد ساعاتها فقط لـ: - جميع تخصصات الأسنان Course Duration: 11 - 12 February 2024 at 05:00 PM 06CME Hrs /دورة معتمدة بـ 6 ساعات/ رقم الاعتماد: ACA-20240000288

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This course includes:

  • Course Duration: 10 hours 0 minutes
  • Educational Materials: 2 material
  • Level: Specific medical fields
  • You will receive a certificate upon completing the course